CMMC Community Benefits

Central Maine Medical Center Community Benefits

Though it serves a region that some 400,000 people call home, Central Maine Medical Center has, in essence, remained a community hospital since its founding more than 120 years ago.

CMMC was created by a community of like-minded visionaries who saw a need for a hospital. In the many years since, CMMC has ensured that area residents have access to the healthcare services they need, including around-the-clock emergency care, expert medical and surgical care, and free access to health education and health screenings.

As a not-for-profit hospital, Central Maine Medical Center contributes to communities throughout the region by analyzing the particular needs of those they serve and then developing and delivering programs to meet these needs. For more information about CMMC community benefit activities, browse through the following documents:

1. CHNA-CMMC 6-2016

2. CMMC Community Benefit Implementation Strategy Board Approval

Appendix I

Maine Shared CHNA Androscoggin County Report 2-29-2016

  1. Statement of Next Steps Fiscal Year 2017
  2. Implementation Report 2016

Appendix II

Androscoggin County CE Input Summary 4-22-2016

Appendix III

Peterson Alexander Priority Needs Grid

Appendix IV

Directory of Commonly Requested Services - Androscoggin County - 2015


SHNAPP Community Engagement Reporting Form

Community engagement means people and organizations throughout Maine are sharing input about the Shared CHNA.

Input is collected by people trained to complete the SHNAPP Community Engagement Reporting Form. Please note that in clicking the form link, you will be redirected to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website where you can complete the online form. There is also a Shared SHIP Feedback Form for Implementation Strategy.

If you need assistance, please contact Jayne Harper at (207) 624-4348.