Customer Service - Patient Satisfaction Improvements

We Listen to Our Patients

Listening to our patients: it is a simple and yet very important concept that CMMC knows is essential to providing the best care.

One way we listen is by giving our inpatients a survey to be filled out after they leave the hospital.

We are happy to report that we receive hundreds of positive comments, which we pass on to staff to thank them for the hard work they do.

We also actively work on any trends or themes in the responses that patients share with us. What we have learned over the years is that the three most important questions we ask are about: 1) Staff sensitivity to the inconvenience of being hospitalized; 2) Staff response to a patient's emotional/spiritual needs and 3) Staff response to a patient's concerns and complaints.

We work hard to train staff to be sensitive and compassionate, in order to handle these issues. That includes giving our staff the opportunities to attend workshops on topics such as spirituality, and the emotional issues that arise for patients.

Our patient surveys show that this has made a difference. For example, within six months of offering RENEW, a spirituality workshop, nursing scores on the patient survey put CMMC nurses in the 99% percentile of high satisfaction, compared with 900 other U.S. hospitals. The results proved the value of asking our patients for feedback.

Listening to patients – it's a vital part of care. CMMC listens.