Medical Services

Central Maine Comprehensive Cancer Center Oncology Surgeons Evaluate, Treat and Manage Cancer Conditions

Oncology surgeons remove cancerous tumors, lesions and tissues. Some general surgeons are trained in and perform specific oncology surgeries affecting the trunk and limbs. Most oncology surgeons, however, are affiliated with a specialty practice. For example: Urology, Head & Neck, Gynecology and Breast surgeons focus on their area of expertise.

Your primary care doctor will refer you to the appropriate physicians and surgeons, if you are in the process of being evaluated for or have received a cancer diagnosis.

Because Central Maine Comprehensive Cancer Center has an affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, your oncology surgeon may also consult with sub-specialists there. MGH is a world leader in cancer research and treatment, and offers consultations, evaluations and treatment options if necessary.

Meet CMCCC oncology surgeons.