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Central Maine Comprehensive Cancer Center is Active in Cancer Research

Cancer research is a dynamic field that continues to find effective and life-saving treatments for cancer patients. The Central Maine Comprehensive Cancer Center stays current with research through its clinical research coordinators, who monitor the latest developments in this field. Our research coordinators also work with patients and physicians to find the safest and best treatments available.

The CMCCC also records and tracks all cancer cases diagnosed and treated here. This information is shared with other cancer researchers.

CMCCC Has Open Oncology Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that introduce cutting-edge treatment modalities.

If you are interested in enrolling in an Oncology Clinical Trial, download the following PDF.

Enrolling Oncology Trials -10-15-2016

For more information about trials, please contact:

Crystal Nayock
Phone: (207) 795-5654
Email: NayockCr@MaineResearchAssociates.com


Summer Grenier
Phone: (207) 795-7549
Email: greniesu@MaineResearchAssociates.com