Support Services

Central Maine Comprehensive Cancer Center Offers Numerous Support Options

The cancer care team at Central Maine Comprehensive Cancer Center knows that our cancer patients are facing many difficult challenges. In response, we continually strive to offer support to you and your loved ones, to help you through this process.

Our oncology nurses will be with you throughout treatment. They work closely with patients, their family and with the oncologists. They have an overview of your treatment, and they are also there to provide direct care.

Our oncology Nurse Navigators help patients and their families learn what other non-medical resources are available. For example, they will tell you about The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing. The Dempsey Center offers free services that include educational, emotionally supportive and wellness programs. Our navigators can also help you find other community resources that offer comfort and assistance.

Our oncology social workers can assist you in balancing treatment plans with the needs of everyday life.

We also provide access to the Arbor House, a free residential space on the CMMC campus. This spacious house provides comfort and privacy to fit the needs of you and your loved ones while undergoing treatments.