Support Services

Central Maine Comprehensive Cancer Center Offers Survivorship Program

After a patient has finished cancer treatments, he or she will meet with an oncology nurse to receive information about our Survivorship Program.

Cancer treatments may leave patients with fitness issues or complications that can be improved with focused self-care. Our program stresses the choices and actions patients can take to live a healthier life, and to improve the quality of life. We provide research-based information that help patients reduce the chances of a cancer recurrence. We also have resources for patients living with chronic cancer.

Some of the issues that patients may face after treatment include:

We offer help with:

We encourage patients to access The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing, which has numerous services and resources that enhance healing and wellness. The Center is also a valuable resource for patients’ family members and caregivers, who are often integral to the patient’s treatment.

Another vital resource for our Survivorship Program is our partner, Massachusetts General Hospital. The Cancer Center at MGH is a world leader in cancer research, which includes studies on improving the quality of life for patients who have had cancer and subsequent treatment. Clinicians at MGH continue to introduce initiatives that help cancer patients become healthier -- and in some cases, healthier than they were before their cancer diagnosis.