Referral Guide

We will need the following

Our Nurses and Referral Specialists are waiting to take your call. Please provide us with the following information, to expedite your call:

  • Your name and call-back number.
  • Referring physician's name
  • Patient's name.
  • Patient's location
  • Patient's diagnosis/ chief complaint / specialty – services needed.
  • Do you need to transfer a patient or a consultation only?
We make every attempt to answer every call immediately. We sincerely apologize if you must leave a voice message. Please be assured we will return your call as quickly as possible (usually within 5 minutes).

Other Information

Other information that will help us to help you:

  • Does this patient have any precautions such as infectious disease etc.?
  • Is this patient in the Emergency Department or in-patient unit?
  • Does this patient need further Emergency Department evaluation/treatment?
  • Does this patient need an Intensive Care Unit?
  • Is this patient intubated?
  • How should the patient be transported (air, ground ambulance, private vehicle)?
  • Will you arrange transportation, or would you like us to assist you?
  • How much does this patient weigh (for air transport only)?
We have provided a form to save you valuable time. You may have someone call with the pertinent information, while you continue caring for your patients. Please remain close by, and we will connect you with the appropriate physician service as quickly as possible.