Central Maine Urology Center at

a Central Maine Medical Group practice

Central Maine Urology Center provides general urology care to males and females of any age. The practice supports a urologist-nurse practitioner team that provides patient care. Additional services are provided by qualified contracted physicians.

Fore River Urology, a specialty healthcare practice affiliated with Mercy Hospital in Portland, is working with Central Maine Urology Center to provide patient care in Lewiston, including surgical services at CMMC.

The urologists are seeing patients at Central Maine Urology Center's 287 Main Street Plaza office in Lewiston while maintaining their practice in Portland.

Common urological diagnosis/symptoms the practice treats include: hematuria (blood in the urine) which can be caused by kidney stones or abnormalities such as growths or tumors in the bladder or upper urinary tract system; difficulty urinating, frequent urination, urgency, urinary incontinence, bedwetting (enuresis); recurrent urinary tract infections; elevated PSA and prostate problems identified by a rectal exam; circumcisions; male infertility; sexual dysfunction; sexually-transmitted diseases; cancers of the genitals/reproductive system/urinary system; scrotal abscess; epididymitis; varicocele; testicular torsion; priapism; paraphimosis; and Fournier's gangrene. The urologists may perform surgical interventions to address these issues.
Central Maine Urology Center offers a variety of special services which include:
• Prostate needle biopsy
• Cystoscopy
• Vasectomy
• Bladder instillation treatments for prevention of bladder cancer
Central Maine Urology Center community involvement:
• Central Maine Urology Center care providers donate their time to assist with prostate screening clinics and educational presentations.