Central Maine ENT Head and Neck Surgery at

a Central Maine Medical Group practice

Doctors Norris and Robert Warner are board certified and have the highest level of experience with a full range of head and neck conditions and diseases.

Our Otolaryngologist are supported by a highly trained clinical, clerical and management team.

Otolaryngology is a surgical specialty encompassing the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that are among the most common that afflict all Americans. Our mission is to provide state of the art medical and surgical care for our patients with:

  • Thyroid tumors

  • Facial, mouth, nasal and neck lesions or growths

  • Cancers of the head, neck, mouth and throat

  • Nasal or sinus infections and diseases

  • Chronic ear infections and other ear disorders

  • Tonsil and adenoid concerns

  • Snoring and sleep apnea

  • Swallowing, breathing, taste and smell disorders

  • Voice disorders and hoarseness

  • Hearing loss and tinnitus

  • Dizziness and vertigo

  • Nosebleeds