DPP Eligibility Checklist

Please complete the following and check your preferred contact method:

If you are interested in finding a Diabetes Prevention Program in the Central Maine Healthcare service area, please check all that apply.

I am at least 18 years old

I am overweight (BMI of 24 or higher)

My fasting blood glucose (sugar) was from 100 to 125

My 2-hour oral glucose tolerance test was from 140 to 199

My A1c was from 5.7 to 6.4

I had diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) at least once

I delivered a baby that weighed at least 9 pounds

I scored at least 9 on the CDC Prediabetes Risk Test

Your answers will be reviewed and you will be notified of your eligibility for the DPP within one (1) week. Thank you for your interest in the Diabetes Prevention Program.