Chest Pain Center

CMMC Emergency Services Includes Chest Pain Center

Chest pain should never be ignored. When in doubt, get checked out!

CMMC's Chest Pain Center is part of the Emergency Department. Until a diagnosis is made, emergency professionals treat patients with chest pain as potential cardiac patients. Patients are set up on a cardiac monitor, with oxygen administered as a precaution. Intravenous lines may be started so life-saving drugs can be administered quickly if needed.

Diagnostic testing at the Chest Pain Center helps physicians reduce the time needed to determine the cause of a patient's chest pain.

Once the patient's condition is stable, the emergency physician may consult with one or more cardiologists for possible follow-up.

Time is of the essence with cardiac conditions: CMMC's Chest Pain Center provides quick and possibly life-saving assistance.

To contact the Chest Pain Center: 207-795-2200.