Pet Therapy

Therapy Dogs Bring Cheer

Each week the patients and staff at CMMC are treated to visits from our furry volunteers – our therapy dogs.

Accompanied by their owners – also CMMC volunteers -- the therapy dogs make their rounds to our in-patient units and several outpatient units.

Our volunteer pet owners check with each patient to see if he or she would enjoy a canine visit. If so, the dog is taken into the room, where he/she may be petted or cuddled. For many patients who have pets at home, it is a great comfort. And for those who may have never experienced the unconditional affection of a happy dog, it is a new and joyful experience!

Our therapy dogs are a mix of several different breeds, from big German Shepherds to tiny Dachshunds. Patients might request a visit from a dog they have established a special connection with. Therapy dogs are all certified through the National Pet Therapy Foundation. Shangri-La Kennel in Auburn assists in the process, as well.

In some cases, other dogs may be allowed to visit the hospital, if approved by the patient's physician and CMMC's Security Department.

For more information about the Therapy Dog Program at CMMC contact the Director of Volunteers at 795-2472.