We Want You to Stay Connected!

All of our patient rooms have telephones, to help our guests stay connected to family, friends and others.

Here's a guide to our telephone system:

Placing Calls: Patients can call from CMMC at anytime.

Local Calls: There is no charge for local calls. Just dial "9" and then the seven digit number.

Long Distance Calls: Long distance calls cannot be charged to your room. To place a collect call or for third-party billing call, dial "80" to speak with a billing operator.

Directory Assistance: For local information and long distance information, dial 9-411.

Toll Free Numbers: Dial 9-1-800-number.

Cell phones are permitted in some areas of the hospital. Ask your nurse where cell phone use is allowed.

Receiving Calls: Your room cannot be dialed directly from outside CMMC. Anyone wishing to talk to you by phone must call the switchboard at 795-0111. Semi-private rooms have two telephones, but share the same extension number.

CMMC Telephone Numbers: (From inside the hospital, just dial the last four numbers.)

  • Patient Financial Services 207-795-2237
  • Library 207-795-2560
  • Pastoral Care 207-795-2291
  • Patient Representative 207-795-2398
  • Security 207-795-2299
  • Social Work 207-795-2680
  • Special Request Service Line 207-795-2470

Click here for a more extensive directory.

Special Needs

A telephone device for the deaf (TDD) is available for patient use. Call 207-795-2690 for more information.

Problems with your phone?

If you have difficulty placing a call, dial "0" and a CMMC operator will assist you. Please report any telephone problems to the operator or to your nurse.