RN Clinical Ladder Program

CMH proudly initiated their RN Clinical Ladder Program in December 2012 after many years of hard work by the nursing staff in the Clinical Ladder Council! The goals of the Clinical Ladder program are to foster and honor the professional growth of nurses, which enables the organization to continually improve its culture of clinical excellence. We support and encourage the active engagement, involvement, and participation of frontline nurses in our Nursing Councils, department councils, Hospital Initiatives/Projects, etc., where they involved with making pertinent evidence-based decisions that impact their nursing practice and our system processes.

Most importantly, the RN Clinical Ladder Program helps drive improvements in patient outcomes and patient satisfaction because the frontline nurse leader elevates their clinical practice and takes PRIDE in their profession.

RN Clinical Ladder Program is designed to improve goals related to:

  • The quality of patient care outcomes and customer service,
  • The retention and recruitment of highly motivated RN’s committed to excellence
  • Recognizing and rewarding excellence in clinical practice
  • Honoring the contribution of all RN’s from Novice to Expert
  • Providing a sustainable process of recognition with clear, measureable, and attainable criteria
  • Continuing to promote a Magnet™ and Pathway climate with job satisfaction as a critical aim
No matter where you practice within the CMH System you are eligible for the clinical ladder if you spend greater than 50% of your time in direct patient care activities. If you are a per diem nurse you will need to work a minimum of 500 hours per year.

We look forward to bringing more frontline nurse leaders with the drive and determination to excel and promote nursing excellence here at CMH.