The GEMS Program: Recognizing Professional Excellence


GEMS is a recognition program within the Central Maine Healthcare for staff members who demonstrate: Growth, Enthusiasm, Motivation, & Spirit. The program was developed by the Regional Nursing Professional Practice Council in 2005.


To demonstrate commitment to patient care excellence by promoting a high-performance work culture that values, challenges, and nurtures the continuous development of clinical expertise, collegiality, teamwork, and professional growth.


  • To improve the quality of patient care outcomes and customer service
  • To honor the contributions of all clinical disciplines from novice to expert
  • To provide a sustainable recognition and reward program
  • To provide a process of recognition with clear, measurable, and attainable criteria
  • To promote the retention and recruitment of highly motivated professionals committed to excellence


GEMS Recognition Program

Employees are rewarded for: Clinical Excellence, Community Service, Customer Service, Education and Leadership, at a Sapphire level, Ruby level or Diamond level.

Eligibility to Apply

  • Minimum one year experience
  • Successful completion of orientation
  • Meets performance standards on annual evaluation
  • Meets all customer service standards on performance appraisal
  • Examples of Qualifying Criteria
  • Serve as a preceptor to other staff
  • Cross-train to other areas of the hospital
  • Participate in community activities
  • Participate in a professional society
  • Participate in continuing education
  • Participate in program development and/or teach a class
  • Obtain a national certification
  • Work towards an advanced degree
  • Participate in research or publish an article

Revised Regionally 9/07