Rapid Response Team Improves Outcomes

The purpose of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) is to promote the early recognition of a patient's physiological abnormalities and to decrease the risk of adverse clinical events. Early recognition improves the safety and effectiveness of medical care and helps assure optimal outcomes. Any staff member can call for a Rapid Response in all areas of the hospital.

This system is for any person in the hospital who needs an evaluation from the Rapid Response Team based on certain clinical criteria. For example: people experiencing unexpected breathing problems or chest pain.

The CMMC Rapid Response team members include but are not limited to intensive care unit nurses and respiratory therapists. Team members have a goal of providing a rapid patient assessment, early recognition and treatment of signs of decline, and improving patient outcomes in non-critical care areas. The team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Roles of the Rapid Response Team:

  • Respond to staff member concerns about a patient experiencing early warning signs of decline
  • Facilitate communication and action of the healthcare team to best meet the needs of the person needing an RRT evaluation
  • Initiate or assist with interventions to stabilize the patient
  • Make recommendation to healthcare team as needed
  • Expedite transfer of the patient to appropriate higher level of care

Revised Regionally 9/07