What We Provide

CMMC's Palliative Care Team Provides Many Services

The Palliative Care Team is requested when:

  • A patient with a serious illness is struggling with pain or other symptoms.
  • A patient is experiencing physical, emotional or spiritual suffering that is not under control.
  • A patient needs help in understanding his/her situation and coordinating care.

Palliative Care Team services include:

  • Working with the patient's doctor to provide his/her care.
  • Relief of pain and other distressing symptoms.
  • A coordinated approach to addressing all types of suffering, including physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Open discussions about treatment choices, including disease treatment and symptom management.
  • Supporting the patient's goals to improve quality of life.
  • Involvement at any time during the patient's illness, working together with other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.
  • A celebration of life, while also regarding dying as a normal process when that time comes.
  • Advocating for the patient, with a focus on communication and education.