Surgical Services Facilities

Central Maine Medical Center Offers Specialized Surgical Suites

Central Maine Medical Center's Surgical Services Department includes 10 surgical suites and a Cystoscopy Room. Two of the suites are dedicated to the Central Maine Heart and Vascular Institute's (CMHVI) cardiothoracic and vascular surgery program. Another suite is used for trauma surgery and advanced laparoscopic surgery. Integrating laparoscopic technology into the design of surgical suites has been a priority at CMMC, in order to offer patients state-of-the-art surgical techniques.

Suites are also reserved for spinal surgeries performed by neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons, and for general, otolaryngologic (ear, nose and throat), vascular, plastic, gynecological and other orthopedic procedures. The Cystoscopy RooSurgical Services Operating Roomm was developed for urologic procedures and contains special x-ray equipment.

CMHVI's operating suites are equipped with high-definition monitors that display images captured by cameras in the surgeon's headlamp and in an overhead surgical light. These images help CMHVI's cardiac surgeons better visualize their work. The CMHVI suites are also equipped with heart-lung machines used to sustain patients during cardiac surgery. These "smart ORs" are outfitted with special cabling, data connections, light booms, and display screens that can be upgraded to accommodate emerging technologies, including voice recognition and robotics.

CMMC's surgical suites are designed to offer the highest level of safety for patients.

Because of the facilities and the number of skilled surgeons who work at CMMC and its affiliated hospitals, (Bridgton Hospital and Rumford Hospital,) CMMC has become a regional referral center. The hospital continues to anticipate the medical needs of the people it serves.