Same Day Surgery

CMMC's Same-Day Surgery Unit Makes it Easy for Patients

In many cases, patients are able to have surgical procedures that allow them to leave the hospital shortly after surgery. (Of course, this depends on the type of surgery and also the patient's state of health.)

CMMC has a Same-Day Surgery Unit to accommodate same-day surgeries. Prior to surgery, same-day patients will come to CMMC a week to 10 days before their surgery date for any necessary tests and an interview with the a surgical nurse.

Once in the Same-Day Surgery Unit, the patient is prepared for surgery much like a conventional surgical patient, and is then transferred to the Surgical Services Department for the procedure. After surgery, the patient is moved first to the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit and then back to the Same-Day Surgery Unit for discharge later the same day.

Because same-day surgery patients spend only a few hours at CMMC, the nursing staff concentrates its efforts not only on helping the patient recover from the anesthesia, but also on preparing them for self-care at home.

CMMC Surgery Same Day Surgery

CMMC Surgery Same Day Surgery