CMMC Inpatient Rehabilitation Team Has an Objective: To Create Individualized Therapy Programs

The team at CMMC's Acute Rehabilitation Center realizes that every patient has a unique medical history and individual needs, when it comes to therapy services.

Our rehabilitation team assesses every patient closely to create an individual therapy program. As a team, the focus is on what the patient can do -- identifying their strengths and maximizing independence. This team approach is the hallmark of the Physical Rehabilitation Unit at Central Maine Rehabilitation Center. Our objective is to provide therapeutic programming which includes:

  • Regaining movement, strength and endurance
  • Assistance with mobility ( ability to get out of bed, to walk)
  • Regaining ability to care for self with tasks such as : feeding, bathing and dressing
  • When indicated, utilizing specialized equipment and dealing with architectural barriers outside of the hospital environment
  • Training family members to provide assistance once a patient returns home.
  • Communication deficits
  • Swallowing, feeding and nutritional needs
  • Learning to deal with the disability beyond the rehab process
  • When indicated, dealing with swallowing adaptations and planning
  • 24-hour reinforcement by the skilled nursing staff
  • Balance and coordination impairments
  • Weakness or limited motion in arms, legs and trunk
  • Cognitive/perceptual problems in conjunction with a physical limitations