Code of Conduct

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Central Maine Healthcare


Pharmacy and Material Services personnel will collaborate with Vendor Representatives and Clinical and Non-Clinical Service Providers to encourage the best use of drugs, medical supplies/devices, and equipment in the facility.  Teamwork will ensure outcomes-oriented, cost effective therapy and will improve the quality of patient care.

Commitment by Central Maine Healthcare (“CMHC”) personnel and Vendor Representatives and Clinical and Non-Clinical Service Providers (“Representatives”) to the following Code of Conduct will ensure mutual success:

  • The Material Services Department will provide a policy outlining specific guidelines for Representatives visits to the pharmacy and other departments in the facility. The Representatives, upon review, will sign and subsequently adhere to the policy and this code at all times.

  • The Pharmacy Department will provide a general outline of Econotherapeutic philosophy (safety, efficacy, and costs) to each Representative.

  • The Departments of Material Services and Pharmacy encourage routine visits by Representatives.  Appointments are necessary to allow time for appropriate staff to prepare for the meeting.  Requests for an appointment should include an agenda for the meeting.

  • Representatives will provide discussion topics pertaining to any visit with hospital personnel to the Senior Buyers or Director of Material Services.  The Buyer Contact  Information Sheet is posted online at and on the facilities’   websites at;; or

  • Discussions include new product information and updates on new indications for  products currently marketed.  Agreement on acceptable product use protocols within the facility is necessary prior to distributing literature and detailing physicians.

  • The Director of Pharmacy, Director of Material Services, or designee will review, in advance, all Representatives requests for solicitations, displays, distribution of  promotional materials or other activities within the facility.  If approved, Representatives will visit only designated non-patient care areas.

  • Representatives will honor formulary decisions of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

  • Representatives will honor Value Analysis Committee’s selection for equipment and supplies as well as the CMHC medical supply and device formulary.

  • Representatives are encouraged to provide educational programs.  The Director of Pharmacy, Director of Material Services, or designee will review and authorize pharmacy and medical staff educational programs in advance.

  • Pharmacy policies and procedures prohibit the distribution of drug samples to departments other than the Pharmacy.

  • Representatives will follow all FDA regulations and guidelines.