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Central Maine Healthcare

Administrative Policy No. HC-Fi-4010(R1)

SUBJECT:  Vendor Representative/ Clinical & Non-Clinical Service Provider Guidelines

Policy Statement/ Purpose:

Central Maine Healthcare (CMH) is an Integrated Delivery Network that includes Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC), Bridgton Hospital, Rumford Hospital and other CMH owned clinics in the central Maine area.  This policy applies to all CMH facilities.  The purpose of this policy is to provide clear and consistent guidelines for the selection, credentialing, and performance of CMH vendors, vendor representatives, clinical and non-clinical service providers and to establish a protocol for onsite visitation.   The policy also protects CMH’s medical staff and employees’ efficiency and integrity, avoids disruption of care, and ensures patient privacy and confidentiality. 

Policy Application:

For purposes of this policy, Vendor Representatives and Clinical/Non-Clinical Services Providers are defined as individuals who provide products, equipment, and services to CMHC (herein after referred to as “Representatives”).  These individuals have an established business relationship, or are seeking to establish a traditional vendor relationship, with CMHC and engage in activities that assist CMHC in carrying out its healthcare function and responsibilities.  This policy does not apply to individuals or companies who are (1) seeking to establish relationships of an administrative nature; and (2) are not expected to visit parts of the hospital or facility outside of the designated administrative areas.   


Representatives are required to register with the Central Maine Healthcare Vendor Management Program, supported by Vendormate Inc., (a 3rd party vendor management service-provider), unless classified as exempt by the Director of Material Services.  The registration process consists of two phases: (1) the registration of the vendor as a company, and (2) the registration of each sales representative and/or clinical & non-clinical service provider who visits CMH for business purposes.


Based on the Representative’s access to patient care areas, the scope of products and services marketed to CMH, and other qualifying criteria, certain Representatives will be required to comply with immunizations and screening criteria in order to conduct business at CMH. This documentation includes but is not limited to:

  • Criminal Background Check/ Registered Sex Offender Check
  • Immunizations: Rubella, Rubeola, Mumps, Varicella, Hepatitis B, and Tuberculosis
  • Training Proficiencies

Representatives are financially responsible for complying with these credentialing requirements.

Representatives must also acknowledge that they have reviewed this policy as well as the Code of Conduct for Vendor Representatives and Clinical & Non-Clinical Service Providers by signing the Acknowledgement Form attached to this Policy as part of the credentialing process. 

Representatives who choose not to participate with CMH’s Vendor Program will not be authorized to conduct business with CMH.


Once registered all Representatives must have an appointment to visit any CMH facility for business purposes. Appointments are scheduled by contacting the appropriate department manager or designee.  However, the Material Services Department and the Pharmacy Department encourage drop-offs of information any time between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm.  Notwithstanding the above, CMH reserves the right to refuse access to any facility at any time and without justification.

There is no parking available on-campus at CMMC.  All Representatives are required to park off-site.  CMMC reserves the right to tow any unauthorized vehicles.    

Representatives visiting any of CMMC’s on-campus facilities (includes 300 Main Street; 10 High Street; 12 High Street; 60 High Street; and 76 High Street) must sign in on the day of their appointment at the main entrance located at 60 High Street.  Representatives will wear a temporary vendor badge that is issued upon signing in.  Badges are only valid for one day.  Representatives must sign out when leaving the facility.

Once inside the facility Representatives will not conduct any unscheduled visits in addition to the scheduled appointment.

CMH employees will inform any Representative without a badge of the existence of this policy and direct them to Security. 

Access to Patient Care Areas and Common Areas

Representatives are prohibited from patient care areas without specific permission from the director or manager of that department, or authorized designee.  Representatives are permitted to access the main lobby and the cafeteria.

Use of Cell Phones and other RF Transmitters

Low power RF transmitters, such as wireless laptops, cordless phones, cell phones, PDA, Blackberry, and other similar wireless technology are prohibited within three (3) feet of life support and high risk patient care equipment, but may otherwise be used throughout the facility.

Promotional Practices

Representatives are prohibited from soliciting or recruiting CMH personnel, patients, or guests.

Displays, promotional materials, and education materials, as well as promotional presentations (grand rounds), educational programs or site visits, are prohibited without prior approval from the Director of Material Services.  Pharmaceutical materials and presentations must be approved by the Director of Pharmacy.  Pharmaceuticals that are not on the formulary cannot be displayed or promoted within the CMH facility.  


Representatives distributing non-pharmaceutical samples must leave the sample with the Material Services Department located at 95 Spring Street.  Material Services will forward samples to the appropriate department.  All pharmaceutical samples may be delivered directly to the appropriate physician’s office, except for pharmaceuticals intended for the Emergency Department, which must be left with the Pharmacy Department.


Medical Devices

Medical supplies or devices cannot be displayed or promoted unless approved by the FDA or Institutional Review Board and CMH to ensure that they are not in conflict with existing facility usage practices.  Representatives must comply with all federal laws and regulations and all applicable government-sanctioned lists with regard to the manufacture, sale, and distribution of medical devices. 

Fire Safety

Furnishings, bedding, and decorations must be manufactured and pass testing in accordance with the National Fire Protection Agency 1997 101 Life Safety Code, Chapters 12 and 13.

HIPAA and Patient Confidentiality

Patient privacy and confidentiality is of upmost importance to CMH.  Vendors are expected to adhere to all policies regarding patient confidentiality and the privacy and security standards contained in the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act of 1996, commonly known as HIPAA.

Policy Enforcement

Failure to follow this policy will result in immediate and possibly permanent expulsion from all CMH facilities. 

Special Considerations:

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Peter E. Chalke
President and CEO
(Signature on File)

Effective:        March 27, 2008       

Supersedes:      CMMC Standing Order 1:3.8
                        HC-Fi-4010 formerly Medical Sales Representatives Guidelines

Revised:        June 25, 2009


WR 9/4/09