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CMMC Health & Fitness Center Has It ALL!!!

We like to think of the Health & Fitness Center at CMMC as a place that is more than your basic gym and locker facility.

Here’s why.

It’s not just because we have all the equipment that you’d expect to find in the best gym or fitness center. It is also because we have SO many levels of services available to people who truly want to be fit and healthy.

Here’s a quick look at what you will find here:

  • Top-of-the line workout equipment. Click here to see what we offer!
  • Expertly trained staff who work closely with each client to create a fitness program that is comfortable – and also inspires them to reach new fitness levels
  • Group fitness and wellness classes that reflect our holistic approach to fitness of mind, body and spirit. Our groups are welcoming and energizing. Connecting with others while you exercise is also good for the heart and soul! Click here to see what classes we offer!
  • Special classes and services. (Click here to find out more!) We have classes created for those who are recovering from medical issues. We offer new members a free biometric assessment, to establish weight and fat percentages and statistics; you can then periodically check these to measure improvement. We have classes such as yoga to help with muscle strength, flexibility, and overall rejuvenation. We offer massage therapy, to alleviate muscle pain, stress and tension.
  • Programs for Seniors (55+). Click here to learn more.
  • Programs for Teens, ages 13-18. Click here for information.
  • Programs for the workplace. We have wellness programs for our CMMC employees and also for people in other workplaces. We invite businesses to create a program that will help employees stay fit. We want to help our communities stay healthy! Click here to learn more about these special programs!

Personal Attention.

We Have Trained, Friendly, Professional Staff.

The staff at the Health & Fitness Center wants clients to feel at home. Be assured that you are receiving assistance from skilled professionals who have backgrounds in exercise physiology, personal training, group fitness instruction, cardiac maintenance and holistic health.

Our personal trainers and health counselors provide support, guidance and motivation to help you reach your fitness goals. Nothing helps more than knowledgeable support. By yourself, it can be difficult to know how hard to push – and when to slow down. With someone as your guide, it is easier to progress. All new members receive a complementary 60-minute orientation session, which includes meeting with a personal health counselor. Your counselor will help you create a fitness program that fits your needs and schedule.

Our Health and Fitness Center team is passionate about healthy living. We want to share our enthusiasm and expertise with you, as we help you on the path to fitness.

FMI: Central Maine Medical Center Health & Fitness Center
12 High Street, Lower Level, Lewiston
Phone: 207-795-2473
Fax: 207-795-5789

The Health and Fitness Center is a proud member of the Medical Fitness Association and the Wellness Councils of America.