CMMC’s Special Delivery Family Birthing Center is "Baby-Friendly" - Which Means Extra-Special Care

The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative is sponsored by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund.

The central goal of the Baby-Friendly initiative is to promote breastfeeding. As a result, we provide new mothers with optimal care, information and instruction so they can successfully breastfeed their babies.

Our designation in 2017 as a Baby-Friendly Hospital means that we have gone the extra steps to meet guidelines including comprehensive training of our staff.

The Baby-Friendly initiative was started because of extensive medical research that shows that breastfeeding promotes good health throughout life, for babies and nursing mothers.

Our Special Program

CMMC has a “Breastfeeding Matters Program” which offers the services of Lactation Consultants -- certified health professional who specialize in educating and supporting breastfeeding mothers -- to inpatients and outpatients. We also provide:

  • Prenatal education about breastfeeding
  • Weekly Breastfeeding Support Group
  • Phone line
  • Newborn Office visits at Central Maine Pediatrics
  • Pump rental and sales
Our Lactation Consultants are available by appointment Monday through Friday. Please call 207-795-2528 if you have any questions.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Many health specialists besides the World Health Organization and the United Nations’ Children’s Fund advise mothers to breastfeed, when possible. For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics advocates breastfeeding, as does the U.S. Surgeon General, who recommends exclusive breastfeeding babies for the first six months of life and beyond the first year. Many healthcare experts believe that it is optimal to breastfeed for 12 months or longer, depending on you and your baby’s needs.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

The benefits to your baby include:

  • When it comes to nutrition, breast milk is the ultimate food for your baby. As your baby grows, your breast milk also changes to adapt to the baby’s nutritional needs.
  • Breast milk enhances the baby’s immune system and promotes wellness – it helps prevent illnesses including intestinal tract infections, ear infections, allergies, skin conditions, and respiratory infections. It also reduces the risk of more serious illnesses, such as childhood cancer, meningitis, juvenile diabetes, and other acute chronic diseases.
  • Studies indicate that breastfeeding greatly reduces the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).
  • Breastfeeding enhances a baby’s physical development, from encouraging the development of straighter teeth to helping brain development.
Benefits for moms
  • Breastfeeding allows you to respond quickly to your baby’s need for nourishment. It is convenient and it is free!
  • Breastfeeding has many physical benefits for a new mother. The long-term benefits to mothers who breastfeed have reduced risk of breast, ovarian, cervical, and endometrial cancers. They also have less chance of osteoporosis.
  • Breastfeeding also enhances your everyday health, by reducing your risk of anemia. It also helps you metabolically: moms who breastfeed return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster.
  • While breastfeeding, you have a great opportunity to bond with your child, and to enhance your emotional relationship.
The Birthing Center Encourages Bonding

As part of our Baby-Friendly practices, we have 24 hour rooming in, where baby stays in your room throughout your stay so that you learn about the baby's feeding cues. We strive to promote mother/infant bonding. We encourage skin-to-skin care, a practice that enhances bonding and encourages more feeds between mother and baby. We also recognize that not all new mothers will be able to breastfeed – be assured that we are here to assist you with formula feeding, as well.

If you have never breastfed a baby, our nurses are skilled at basic breastfeeding assistance and lactation consultants will provide follow-up care to ensure that mom and baby are doing well. We can show you how best to hold your baby, how to help him/her latch on and how to express milk. As a Baby-Friendly hospital, we offer numerous and free resources to help breastfeeding Moms. Check our Childbirth Education Events Calendar for information about breastfeeding classes, and our breastfeeding support group. And after you leave CMMC, remember, our Lactation Consultants are just a phone call away: 207-795-2528.