Childbirth Education Program

CMMC’s Special Delivery Family Birthing Center Offers Educational Programs for New Parents

Central Maine Medical Center's Special Delivery Family Birthing Center offers several educational programs for expectant mothers and their spouses, partners or birth coach. All classes except breastfeeding have a fee. Check with your insurance company to see if classes are covered.

They include:

  1. The New Parents’ Package, which covers childbirth education and provides information about breastfeeding. Contact us for pricing information.

  2. The Hypnobirthing® Package, which includes comprehensive information about this natural process, as well as information about infant care and breastfeeding. ($135 for two.)

  3. Infant/Child CPR. Learn the lifesaving technique of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This is an important class for anyone who may be a baby’s caregiver. (Must be prepaid. $45 per couple.)

  4. Breastfeeding Class. Learn about anatomy, milk production, your baby’s needs, positioning and techniques, and more.

  5. Pumping Class. This class will discuss how to assemble, use and clean your breast pump. We will discuss how to use your pump to maximize your milk production as well as to maintain a good supply while you are separated from your baby. We will discuss when to start pumping in preparation to go back to work as well as what to expect once you return to work.

Some special offerings from the Family Birthing Center include:

  • Weekend Childbirth Education classes, which cover the same information in the five-week course, but in a shorter time period for parents who only have available time on the weekends. ($100 for two.)

  • We also offer a Breastfeeding Support Group that meets weekly.

  • For parents who have experienced loss, we offer a Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support group, which meets on the third Wednesday of every month.

For dates and times: Childbirth Education Events Calendar.

For more information call Nancy at 207-795-5559. You can also register for classes online.