Infant/Child CPR

CMMC Childbirth Education Program Includes Infant/Child CPR Class CPR for Family and Friends

CPR — Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – is a lifesaving skill. We recommend those who have taken it before and those who have never had a class to sign up. We also encourage any caregivers who will spend time with the baby to take this class.

Our class focuses on learning the basic lifesaving skills for infants and children, which includes CPR and what to do if an infant is choking. We'll also discuss safety in the home, the playground, the car, etc. You will have an opportunity to practice each skill using mannequins, until you are comfortable. You'll also receive an instruction booklet. Successful participants will receive a certificate of attendance. The class runs one night, for 2.5 hours. The fee is $45 and must be pre-paid. The class is limited to 8. To register, call 207-795-5559 or register online. To view class times and dates, visit Childbirth Education Events Calendar.