Now You're Home

CMMC Special Delivery Center Offers Support After You Leave the Hospital With Your New Baby

Now that you are home with your new baby, life takes on a different rhythm. (Infant care is one of the topics discussed in our Childbirth Education course, which is certainly another incentive to take the class!)

We have many resources available to help you as you adjust to motherhood. New mothers might like to take a breastfeeding class, and consider joining a breastfeeding support group. When it comes to infant care, there are several free home-visiting programs available to all families, with visits from a social worker and also a nurse. Both can help with the expected and the unexpected issues that may arise for you and your family – including emotional issues.

Also, now that you are home, pay attention to your own emotional state. It is not uncommon for women to experience postpartum depression. Go to our link to read more about how to recognize and treat this condition.