Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

CMMC Gives Expectant Parents Helpful Guides to Pregnancy and Birth

InJoy Pregnancy Guides

We know that many new parents have lots of questions about pregnancy, delivery and taking care of a new infant. That's why Central Maine Medical Center offers parenting guides to all new parents.

The Injoy Birth & Parenting Education series addresses many of the questions new parents have. We provide four guides: 1. Your Guide to Pregnancy and Birth. 2. Breastfeeding. 3. Labor and Delivery. 4. Caring for Mom and Child. The series also includes Web-access to educational videos.

Ask your obstetrician or call the Special Delivery Family Birthing Center at 207-795-2530 about these guides, if you have not received them.

If you already have a copy of your Mother and New Baby Care web-enhanced guide and would like to access the online resources, click here to sign in.