Baby's Car Seat

CMMC Offers Assistance & Information About Requirements for New Baby’s Car Seat

Maine law requires that your baby (and young children) ride in an approved child safety seat. It is important to have the baby’s seat ahead of time, so that you will be familiar with the seat before your baby is born.

It is also important to know how to install the seat, and how to safely place and secure your baby in the seat. We recommend that you have the car seat inspected by a certified car seat inspection station.

We can help you with this matter in several ways. For more information about car seat inspection and installations, you can call June Turcotte at 207-795-2695. We also have a brochure that includes information about proper harness positioning. (See below.) Be sure to keep a copy in your car!

Parents can also bring their vehicles and seats to a free monthly fitting clinic held at the United Ambulance station, on the third Thursday of every month, 2pm - 6pm. United Ambulance is at 338 East Avenue in Lewiston. Use the Training Center entrance.

More information about car seat safety as well as inspection dates and locations is available through the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles or the Safe Kids Maine organization.

Here is some information about placing a baby in his/her car seat, which is always rear-facing.

For more information on car seat inspections

  • It is important to obtain proper harness position. The internal harness straps should be at or below your child’s shoulders when using a safety seat in the rear-facing position.
  • Once you have buckled your child into the internal harness, adjust the harness so the fit is snug. If you can pinch a fold in the harness it is not tight enough and will need to be re-adjusted. The harness retainer clip is in the proper position when it is at armpit level.
  • It is not recommended to add items to your safety seat that did not come with it. If you feel that your child needs additional head support it is recommended to use rolled baby blankets or towels and place them on each side. Do not place anything including blankets behind the baby or between the baby and the harness.
  • To obtain optimal harness fit for your child it is recommended to avoid bulky clothing. Once the child is secured in the harness cover the child with a blanket if needed.