Create a Birth Plan

Special Delivery Family Birthing Center Encourages Expectant Moms to Create a Personalized Birth Plan

Special Delivery encourages moms-to-be to make a birth plan, which is a personal plan that outlines your choices for the labor process. This plan should be flexible, in case things change during your labor.

We encourage you and your spouse/birthing partner to enroll in Special Delivery's Childbirth Education classes, where you can learn about options that might be presented to you during the labor experience. You can also learn if your expectations are in sync with any requirements the Special Delivery Family Birthing Center may have.

We suggest you make some notes about your plan. These notes should include a description of:

  • The sort of emotional support you would like to have. (For example, who would you like to be with you?)
  • The physical support you would like to have throughout labor. (For example, you might like to spend time in a labor tub.) Also, what are your preferences for pain relief and management?
  • Things that would give you confidence that you will have a positive experience. (Would it be helpful to talk to some new mothers beforehand? Would it be helpful to talk to a labor nurse, beforehand? Etc.?)

Be sure to share your birth plan with your healthcare provider and/or other maternity support people, as they might have some great ideas for you. Also show it to those who will be with you during your labor and birth experience. You can go over your plan with the staff.

Keep in mind that if your birth does not go exactly as you planned, it’s ok! This is where flexibility is the key. Keep in mind the different scenarios that labor can bring and how to best react. Focus on the positive.

A birth plan reflects how you would like to navigate a joyful experience. By writing things down, you also let those assisting you know more about who you are.

CMMC can provide you with a birth plan form, either through your obstetrician or certified nurse-midwife. Or download this Birth Plan Worksheet or this Birth Plan Checklist. As stated previously, we highly recommend you attend our Childbirth Education classes to learn about the different options presented in these example birth plans.

Picking a care provider for your baby

You will need to choose a provider for your baby during your pregnancy.

A hospitalist or pediatrician will see your baby during the hospital stay.
You may choose a family medicine provider or pediatrician. Family physicians take care of patients of all ages and a pediatrician specializes in children and adolescents. When selecting a provider, take the time to find out all you can about him or her. Talk to friends who have children and ask who they see and what their experiences have been. You'll also want to consider practical issues, such as the distance of the doctor's office from your home and place of work, and whether the office has Saturday or evening hours.

To find a physician that practices at Central Maine Medical Center, visit our online provider directory.