Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit (NICU)

CMMC's Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit Offers Specialized Care

Central Maine Medical Center is the only hospital in the region with a Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit (NICU), which specializes in caring for premature babies and infants born with medical complications.

Our NICU physicians and nurses have special training and are skilled at evaluating and diagnosing infant conditions. As a result, you have the peace of mind of knowing that should any complications arise, we have specialized care just beyond the doors of the Special Delivery Family Birthing Center.

CMMC’s NICU staff works closely with our infants' families, to create care plans as needed. We'll help plan what services might be needed, including post-discharge care and home-care services. Care at CMMC is always connected and always individualized. And best of all, it’s right here in the hospital.

If your baby requires extended care and traveling to CMMC is an issue, we have a hospitality house, Arbor House, to accommodate you and your family. The 15-bedroom building has a common room, a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, library, laundry facilities, a patio and garden. Arbor House is free for its visitors and is supported through community donations. For more information: Call CMMC's Arbor House Scheduler: 795-2691.