Alternative Therapies

Special Delivery Family Birthing Center Offers Expectant Moms Alternative Therapies

The Special Family Birthing Center offers many types of alternative therapies to help you through the labor and delivery process. All of our labor and delivery nurses complete a comprehensive program in alternative therapies in order for us to provide you with the care you choose.

Alternative therapies we offer include:

Acupressure: Gentle pressure is applied to strategic points to help relieve pain during childbirth. This ancient practice, also called shiatsu, is related both to massage and acupuncture.

Aromatherapy: The careful use of essential oils has been shown to reduce many women’s pain and anxiety during childbirth. Scents like lavender and rose have even been shown in some studies to reduce the need for pain medication.

Birthing balls: A large, bouncy therapy ball can help a birthing mother into a variety of positions that are more comfortable than lying in bed. Sitting or leaning on a ball can help a woman maintain a squat that is helpful for labor. It also makes it easier for her support person to offer a back massage.

Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is just as it sounds: Laboring moms soak in a tub for part or all of labor. The warm water promotes relaxation and reduces pain for many women.

HypnoBirthing®: Self-hypnosis techniques can help a woman calm herself during childbirth. HypnoBirthing® training also focuses on the body’s natural ways of dealing with childbirth, and on the bonding of new mother and child.

Music therapy: Your favorite music can provide a distraction from the pain of childbirth and create a more relaxed environment.

Doulas: A doula is a non-medical person trained in the art of supporting a woman through the experience of giving birth. She acts as a labor coach and as an advisor and resource for the woman and her partner and/or family before, during, and after delivery. CMMC does not have doulas on staff, but we are supportive of patients who hire doulas to help them. To learn more about doulas, visit