Resources & Services

The Special Delivery Family Birthing Center Offers Many Services and Resources to Moms, Newborns and Family

CMMC's Special Delivery Family Birthing Center considers your labor and delivery experience a very individualized process and experience. That’s why we offer a number of services and resources to our patients.

A Private Tour

When you are in your 30th week of pregnancy, we offer The Special Delivery Tour and Nurse Intake Interview. This private tour, (bring your spouse or birthing partner/coach if you like) allows you to take care of all the paperwork needed. During your one-on-one interview with a labor and delivery nurse you can ask any questions you may have. During the tour you will meet staff and get a detailed look at the facilities at the Birthing Center. Your provider's office should set up this appointment for you.

Special Gifts for Your Baby

As part of the tour, you will learn about the Delta Kappa Gamma Teachers' Society Read-To-Me program which provides new moms with a picture book for your newborn. After you have your baby, Raising Readers also provides books additional picture books for new moms to read to their newborns. Additionally, they provide books to pediatricians and other healthcare providers to give to youngsters at their Well Child visits, from ages two months up through five years. The goal is to encourage reading aloud to children, which promotes literacy and family bonding.

Also, volunteers from The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing have hand-made tiny sun hats, to protect your newborn from sun – and also to raise awareness about the dangers of skin cancer.

Special Services for Our Guests 

The Special Delivery Family Birthing Center wants you to have the comforts you need – including great meals! Our patients can order their meals by phone, similar to room service. If you have a guest staying overnight, he or she can also order meals, at no charge.


Breastfeeding Help for New Moms

We have two lactation consultants who will help new mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. Even after you go home you can call our lactation consultants or make an appointment to see one if necessary. They are also available to see you at the Central Maine Pediatrics office.


Pastoral Care

The CMMC Pastoral Care Department provides religious and spiritual care and support for those who would like such assistance. The Pastoral Care Department office and the Scott Willie Cameron Memorial Chapel are located off the ground-floor hallway next to the Discharge Lobby.

Special Resources for Families

Several state and federally-funded agencies offer special programs to families with newborns. The Maine Families Home Visiting program provides a home visitor who will visit with you and your family from pregnancy until your child is three years old. This program is free and is available to all. The home visitor is there to offer guidance and assistance for a range of issues that may arise.

Another program provides free Visiting Nurse visits. She can help you by providing healthcare, resources and information about your baby’s wellness.

For more information about community programs that may be a resource, call the Family Birthing Center at 207-795-2633.