Special Delivery Family Birthing Center

Special Delivery Family Birthing Center Offers the Best of Care in a Place That Feels Like "Home"

The Special Delivery Family Birthing Center at Central Maine Medical Center combines the best of delivery care with the comforts of home. The Birthing Center is warm and cozy, with staff that makes sure you receive the best attention.

Our birthing center is one of five in Maine designated as "Baby-Friendly." This special designation means we go the extra step to make the birthing experience special for the mother and her new baby. As a Baby-Friendly designated facility our central goal is to promote breastfeeding. As a result, we provide new mothers with optimal care, information and instruction so they can successfully breastfeed their babies.

We also care about your partner and his/her comfort! Our rooms are spacious and comfortable, and we have flat-screen tvs for entertainment. Our channels even include special educational programs about newborn and mother care. These programs are available 24/7 both on the television channel and online. We make sure mom and coach are well-fed, with delicious meals provided by our kitchen. You and your support person can order meals by phone.

For moms, we have birthing rooms that are private and comfortable. We have labor tubs, which help ease Mom through her labor.

It's comforting for families to know that should any problems arise, the Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit is nearby. It is one of only three such facilities in Maine.

For more information, call the CMMC Special Delivery Family Birthing Center at 207-795-2530.