Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

CMMC Offers Treatments for Incontinence and Prolapse

CMMC's Bladder Control Center, in affiliation with its Outpatient Rehab Services, offers Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, a treatment option for patients with urinary incontinence, including stress, urge or mixed incontinence and prolapse. It can also help patient’s that have constipation or pelvic pain.

The program includes an assessment by a physical therapist, to assess the patient's needs. Therapeutic exercises include learning how to strengthen pelvic floor muscles by learning correct muscle isolation and contraction. The process includes biofeedback/surface EMG to measure results.

Once the exercises have been learned properly, the patient can practice them at home. He or she returns to CMMC weekly for about six weeks to be monitored. The schedule is flexible to meet the needs of the patient.

Other elements of pelvic floor rehabilitation include keeping a bladder diary, recommendations regarding fluid intake, and recommendations about diet, such as identifying bladder irritants.