Urodynamic Testing

Urodynamic Testing Measures Bladder Functioning

Urodynamic testing is a series of tests that measure the function of the bladder of how it fills and empties. The test helps the urologist diagnose and treat bladder problems. Some reasons why patients would have this testing is:

  • You may be leaking urine.
  • Your bladder may not completely empty.
  • You may have symptoms of urgency or frequency.
  • Your stream may seem slower or weak than it used to be.
  • You may have recurrent urinary tract infections.
Doctors study how your bladder reacts when it is filling with fluid. The procedure is not typically painful. Your physician and/or urologist will discuss the procedure in detail with you.

A nurse would be performing the test and the results would be reviewed by your doctor. The results of the testing would be discussed with the patient at their follow up appointment.